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Shioisha Spring ( 塩井社水源 ) and Shioi Shrine ( 塩井神社 ) in Minamiaso Village (南阿蘇村)

Tori-no-koduka Park (鳥の小塚公園) in Minamiaso Village ~ Untapped place for the great view of southern Aso ~

Koike Spring (小池水源) in Minamiaso Village (南阿蘇村) Explore Springs and get away from the heat!

Cedar of Lord Takamori(Takamori-don-no Sugi, 高森殿の杉) in Takamori Town, Power Spot with extraordinary-looking cedar and surrounding which is like a world of Ghibli film.

Sensuikyo(仙酔峡) in Aso where you will immerse yourself in its beauty and elegant Kyushu Azalea(ミヤマキリシマ, Miyama Kirishima).

Mt. Tawara Observatory(俵山展望所) in Minamiaso Village(南阿蘇村) where you can enjoy the southern part of Aso Caldera.

Meoto Waterfall(夫婦滝) in Minamioguni Town(南小国町) ~ Beautiful Work of Art that Husband and Wife Waterfall and Beams of Light Create~

Controlled Burning(野焼き, NOYAKI) ~ Essential activity to maintain the beautiful grassland in Aso passed on for over 1,000 years~

Fujisakidai Camphor Trees(藤崎台のクスノキ群) which have watched over Kumamoto for over 1,000 years

Kanome waterfall(鹿の目の滝) ~one of the best 100 waterfalls and consists of 3 kinds of waterfalls, Hitoyoshi Kumamoto~

Nabegataki waterfall(鍋ヶ滝),Oguni-town, Aso ~beautiful curtain look waterfall~

Gorougataki waterfall(五老ヶ滝) ~dynamic waterfall in Yamato-town, Kumamoto which was depicted in the historical hand scroll~

SHIRAITO WATERFALL(白糸の滝) in Nishihara-village, Aso Kumamoto

Ukishima(浮島) in Kashima-town Kumamoto~Breathtaking Sunrise and Beautiful Pond~

Myoken-ura Coast(妙見浦) ~beauty of west coast of Amakusa Kumamoto~


矢谷渓谷(Yatani gorge)

御輿来海岸(Okoshiki shore) ripple marks

蛍 Fireflies ~ Day trip to Kikuchi ④ ~

菊池渓谷 Kikuchi keikoku ~ Day trip to Kikuchi ② ~

鞍岳 (Mt.Kura-dake) ~ Day trip to Kikuchi ① ~

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