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Tatzu Butzu ( 達仏 ) and Stone Spirit Forest (石霊の森) in Tsunagi Town

Tsunagi no Nekko ( つなぎの根っこ, Roots of Tsunagi ), one of the art projects in Tsunagi Town ( 津奈木町 )

Town with Mountains and Sculptures ( 緑と彫刻のあるまち ), Tsunagi Town ( 津奈木町 )

Hisatsu Orange Railway ( 肥薩おれんじ鉄道 ) ~ En encouragement of Train Trip ( 列車の旅のすすめ ) ~

Early Morning Hot Air Balloon Ride Experience in Aso

Tachioka Nature Park(立岡自然公園) in Uto City(宇土市), Kumamoto ~2,000 Sakura trees and Lakes which Kiyomasa Kato(加藤清正) had involved in~

Climbing Mt. Iida(飯田山) in Mashiki Town(益城町) where you can overlook Kumamoto City

Climbing Mt. Taromaru and Mt. Jiromaru in Kamiamakusa city, Kumamoto where you can enjoy two lovely brother-mountains at once!

Hitoyoshi craft park Ishino park(人吉クラフトパーク石野公園) where we can experience Kumamoto’s traditional workshops

Kuma River Boat Cruise(球磨川下り)in Hitoyoshi Kumamoto

Kanome waterfall(鹿の目の滝) ~one of the best 100 waterfalls and consists of 3 kinds of waterfalls, Hitoyoshi Kumamoto~

3,333 stone steps in Misato-town, Kumamoto ; Japan’s NO1!

Furaibou(風来望) ~Guest House in the west coast of Amakusa Kumamoto~

Christmas Market Kumamoto 2018

English Market Vol.3

石の風車(Stone Windmills) in 一本松公園(Ipponmatsu-park)

きくち夏祭り2018 (Kikuchi Summer Festival)

鍋松原海岸(Nabe matsubara shore) ~Day trip to Tamana④~

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