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鍋松原海岸(Nabe matsubara shore) ~Day trip to Tamana④~

After relaxing and forgetting the sense of time at Rengein tanjou ji, we decided to go to Nabe matsubara kaigan(鍋松原海岸 seashore).


It’s the only bathing beach in the northern part of Kumamoto.


Photo credit : Chieko @untappedkumamoto


There are facilities like a change-room and a shower room which we can use for free.


Also, there is a local product shop, which is ‘Iso no sato(磯の里)’, next to the beach but unfortunately, when we arrived there,it was already closed.


In their website, it says that they sell fresh seafood and locally grown vegetables. 


During summer, we can enjoy catching mantis shrimps(We call them ‘シャク(shaku)’) and digging clams at low tide.


Photo credit : Chieko @untappedkumamoto


This time, instead of digging clams, we enjoyed playing music, singing songs, doing yoga, shooting photos on the beach.


One of my friend was doing yoga on the beach and her posture was so elegant and beautiful.


Photo credit : Chieko @untappedkumamoto


We collected pine cones and sea shells as a photography props.


Photo credit : Fumi @fu.mi.nn


At the time I was collecting the seashells, I was repeating myself the tongue twister – ‘She sells seashells on the seashore…’.


Photo credit : Fumi @fu.mi.nn


Photo credit : Tanima @tanima1990


After sunset, we started to prepare for hanabi(fire works) but then we realized that we forgot to buy a lighter!


There were one family who were already enjoying hanabi so we asked them for fire. 


They were such a nice family and we really appreciated them.


Photo credit : Chieko @untappedkumamoto


It was so fun to play hanabi but we finished so fast as the amount was not enough at all!


We made up our mind that we should buy more next time!


Summer has just started!

Photo credit : Chieko @untappedkumamoto




Iso no sato (磯の里)
Address : 2320-56, Nabe, taimeimachi, Tamana-city, Kumamoto-prefecture


Tel : 0968-57-2700


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