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Myoken-ura Coast(妙見浦) ~beauty of west coast of Amakusa Kumamoto~

After exploring around 﨑津集落(Sakitsu Village), my friends and I headed to the guest house, Furaibo(I’ll share it in the next article!).

On the way to the guest house, we dropped by at this beautiful place, called 妙見浦(Myoken-ura, means Myokenura Coast).

Myoken-ura coast(妙見浦) in Amakusa Kumamoto

What is Myoken-ura Coast in Amakusa Kumamoto? 

Myoken-ura is the rock reef which represents the beauty of the west coast of Amakusa.

It’s designated as a National Natural Treasure and its Scenic Beauty in 1935.

It’s adjacent to 天草灘(Amakusa-nada, means Amakusa Open Sea).

You will enjoy the beauty of untouched nature.

Sunset is one of the Must-See.

The wave from the open sea is rough, which has created this powerful and unique scenery.

It consists of 2 main rocks and a promontory.

Photo credit : Chieko @untappedkumamoto

The biggest rock which is near to the coast is called 岡妙見(Oka-Myoken Rock).

It has a sea cave and you can see stalactite on the ceiling.

You can go through the cave with a canoe or even swim to it.

This is the picture of Myoken-ura Coast from 十三仏公園(Jusan-butsu Park).

What do you think the Oka-Myoken Rock looks like?

People express it as an elephant walking in the sea.

You can’t see this shape from Myoken-ura Coast since it’s too close.

Because it looks like an elephant, people call it as “象岩(Zou Iwa, means Elephant Rock)”.

To enjoy this shape and the great scenery, people drop by at Jusan-butsu Park(Unfortunately, we didn’t this time!).

Our Experiences at Myoken-ura Coast in Amakusa Kumamoto. 

At first, we were just watching the nice view from the street. But after we found out we could go closer to the coast, we couldn’t help but driving down.

Photo credit : Chieko @untappedkumamoto

The time was around 3pm so it was a bit early to see the sunset.

It was so freezing! 

Photo credit : Chieko @untappedkumamoto

I was fine because I was so excited about the great scenery.

I was talking to myself why I hadn’t visited these amazing places in Amakusa before, or even been interested in it!

I was surprised to see how strong wave stroke. I expected the calm sea but it was rather rough.

There was no one but us so we were enjoying taking videos and photos, wrapping our faces with scarfs. 

What You Can Do At Myoken-ura Coast in Amakusa Kumamoto.  

West coast of Amakusa is very famous for the beautiful sunset and Myoken-ura Coast is one of the best.

I recommend you to check the time of sunset in advance.

Stay there for a while waiting for the moment and enjoy the amazing combination of sunset and Myoken-ura Coast.

Or you can go to Jusanbutsu Park and enjoy the scenery from the different point. 

Source : https://kumamoto.photo/archives/

The other thing you can enjoy is diving.

I’ve seen some websites of instructors for diving.

If you have goods of it, you can do by yourself.

In Amakusa, many people say from spring to autumn is the best season but it also means it can be crowded.

If you want to avoid crowd of people like us, winter would be a good choice.

You can relax and enjoy the sound of waves and the pleasing scenery to your eyes.

But keep in mind to bring a thick coat and gloves or you’ll be freezing completely!

Photo credit : Chieko @untappedkumamoto

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妙見浦(Myoken-ura Coast)

十三仏公園(Jusanbutsu Park)

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