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History and culture

Seta Shrine (瀬田神社) in Ozu Town (大津町), one of the Kumamoto Earthquake Museum (熊本地震震災ミュージアム) which aims at passing on stories of the earthquake to the next generations

Shimo Shrine (Frost Shrine, 霜神社) and Hitaki Shinji Ritual (火焚神事) wishing the god of Aso not to bring frost before harvesting

Kiyomizu Temple (清水寺) in Nishi-ku, Kumamoto City ~ Explore around Kumamoto Station! ~

Kitaoka Shrine(北岡神社) in Kumamoto City ~Enjoy stories of the deity Susanoo who succeeded to regain his honor and Otemoyan who is from the most famous folk song in Kumamoto~

Pilgrimage of “Otemoyan(おてもやん)” ~Visit places sung in the most famous folk song in Kumamoto!~

Journey of Otemoyan(おてもやん) and the writer of the song, the most famous folk song in Kumamoto

Nagano Aso Shrine(長野阿蘇神社) and Kaguraden Hall(神楽殿) where you can see the dynamic Nagano Iwato Kagura Performance(長野岩戸神楽) in Minamiaso Village(南阿蘇村)

『HIKE』cafe, bar and hostel complex in Tamana City that bonds creators, producers and consumers closely.

Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine(上色見熊野座神社) in Takamori Town(高森町) ~Entering an Another World, Mystic Shrine which was portrayed in famous animation film~

Kihara Fudoson Temple(木原不動尊) in Minami-ku, Kumamoto City ~Famous for Glaring Fudo Myoo Statue and Fire Walking~

Rokuden Shrine(六殿神社) in Kumamoto City famous for vivid vermilion Tower Gate built with no nails

Kokuzo shrine(国造神社) which has strong connection between Aso shrine and active volcano Mt. Nakadake in Aso, Kumamoto.

Shakain(釈迦院) ~temple standing up to the 3333 stone steps, Kumamoto~

Gorougataki waterfall(五老ヶ滝) ~dynamic waterfall in Yamato-town, Kumamoto which was depicted in the historical hand scroll~

Tsujunkyo bridge(通潤橋) in Yamato-town Kumamoto ~Stone Bridge that bound people and life~

Reidaikyo bridge(霊台橋) in Misato-town Kumamoto ~Learn about the history of stone bridges and stonemasons in Kumamoto~

Shodai-yaki pottery festival in Nankan-town Kumamoto ~Learn about traditional Shoudai-yaki pottery~

Ukishima Kumanomasu Shrine(浮島熊野坐神社) Kashima-town Kumamoto ~Worships two gods who are believed to create Japan~

Ukishima(浮島) in Kashima-town Kumamoto~Breathtaking Sunrise and Beautiful Pond~

みずあかり2018(Mizu-akari festival)

石の風車(Stone Windmills) in 一本松公園(Ipponmatsu-park)

日輪寺(Nichirin-ji temple)

きくち夏祭り2018 (Kikuchi Summer Festival)

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