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Asora restaurant and cafe (あそら食堂&カフェ) in Aso ~ vegetarian-friendly organic cafe ~

Cafe Tenoha an (喫茶 てのは an) in Takamori Town (高森町) , Aso county

『HIKE』cafe, bar and hostel complex in Tamana City that bonds creators, producers and consumers closely.

The keystone garden in Misato-town Kumamoto ~organic cafe standing in front of Reidaikyo bridge(霊台橋)~

Okamoto Tofu(岡本とうふ) ~Tofu restaurant in Oguni-Town Aso Kumamoto~

あまみや(Amamiya) Japanese cafe

どろっぷす&南阿蘇珈琲(Drops & Minami aso coffee) Vegetable restaurant & coffee

Chique ~ 昭和レトロカフェ(Showa retro cafe)~

うさぎや Cafe Usagiya ~Day trip to Tamana②~

茶房 玉蘭 (Sabou Gyokuran) Chinese tea house

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