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まる鉄(Marutetsu) Okonomiyaki restaurant

Me and my friends went to ‘まる鉄(Marutetsu)’ after the one day trip to KIkuchi.


Marutetsu is Okonomiyaki(savory Japanese-style of pancake) restaurant and they serve delicious okonomiyaki and many variety of izakaya(Japanese pub) dishes.


Even though we arrived there after 9 pm, it was so crowded.


We ordered Agedashi tofu(揚げ出し豆腐 deep fried tofu with thick dashi soup) and Okonomiyaki(お好み焼き), Modern yaki(モダン焼き).


Modern yaki is kind of okonomiyaki which has yakisoba noodle seasoned with sauce inside.

There are many kinds of okonomiyaki and we ordered ‘花まる玉(Hanamarutama)’ which is the speciality for the restaurant.


Photo credit : Fumi @fu.mi.nn


It’s unique because there are chopped tomatoes, cheese and asparagus inside and fresh radish sprouts and fried onion on the top.


Okonomiyaki can be heavy because of the thick and sweet sauce and the batter. But this 花まる玉 is not heavy at all!


Fresh sprout bring us freshness and the pancake is so fluffy and light. Also the fried onion gives it another texture and it’s perfectly harmonious!


My workplace is just 5 minutes drive from Marutetsu so me and my colleagues sometimes take out some okonomiyaki for lunch.


Because one of my college loved 花まる玉 so much, she bought sprout and made okonomiyaki at home.


It’d be so difficult to make the batter similarly but we can take a few tips and try them at home.


We were happily full and on the way home, we couldn’t stop talking how amazing the day trip was.


This fun packed day was the beginning of our day trip series.


Now we are so excited to share with you the untapped places all around Kumamoto.



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