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Seiwa Bunraku ( 清和文楽 ) in Yamato Town, the only Bunraku theater in Kyushu

Ayu-no-se Ohashi Bridge (鮎の瀬大橋) ~ a new legacy in stone culture, Yamato Town ~

Gorougataki waterfall(五老ヶ滝) ~dynamic waterfall in Yamato-town, Kumamoto which was depicted in the historical hand scroll~

Tsujunkyo bridge(通潤橋) in Yamato-town Kumamoto ~Stone Bridge that bound people and life~

The keystone garden in Misato-town Kumamoto ~organic cafe standing in front of Reidaikyo bridge(霊台橋)~

Reidaikyo bridge(霊台橋) in Misato-town Kumamoto ~Learn about the history of stone bridges and stonemasons in Kumamoto~

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